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Call for AICS - Partnership for Knowledge project In the area of Sustainable Energy, Environment and Industrial Innovation

The shortlist of the selected non-EU applicants is available in the download section.

Selected applicants must proceed with two compulsory administrative tasks within 7 days from the results day:

  • pay a non-refundable enrolment confirmation fee for the amount of € 100,00 (one hundred);
  • email to mastertlc [at] to confirm the acceptance of admission to the Master’s degree programme and the payment of the admission confirmation fee.

Selected applicants who fail to complete these two required administrative tasks within the given deadline will be automatically excluded from the Master’s degree programme.

All potential vacancies will be progressively offered to the following applicants on the shortlist.

All students that, for any reason, decline their position are strongly invited to communicate their decision to the Master Admission Office mastertlc [at] as soon as possible in order to give other eligible students the opportunity to study at the University of Trento. All potential vacancies will be progressively offered to the following applicants in the shortlist.

Pre-enrolment procedures at the Italian Embassy for non-EU applicants

Non-EU applicants living abroad who have confirmed their intention to access the Master’s degree programme must pre-enroll at the Italian diplomatic office in their own country, by the deadlines set by the regulations concerning admission of foreign students to university courses posted at Pre-enrolment is compulsory in order to obtain a visa. All admitted students are advised to read the procedures that must be followed at:

Tuition Fees: please check here

ScholarshipsUniTrento ScholarshipItalian Government Scholarship and Invest your talent in Italy

Please note that applicants interested in applying for INVEST YOUR TALENT IN ITALY scholarship must submit their application by January 31st 2019.