International opportunities for students

In order to be admitted to the two-year Master's degree programme in Quantitative and Computational Biology applicants are required to follow the application procedures accurately.
For the academic year 2023/2024 the University of Trento will admit to the QCB programme a maximum number of students equal to 45, 4 of which are offered to non-EU citizens living abroad.
Citizens from Italy, other EU countries and non-EU countries are equally admitted to the selection. The selection process will be run in two sessions: one addressed to non-EU citizens living abroad  and one to EU citizens and non-EU citizens resident in Italy.

In case of insufficient number or possible withdrawals at the end of the selection process for non-EU eligible applicants, potential vacancies will be made available to EU applicants.

Rules and deadlines for admission to second year or changing course or previous careers recognition, are available at the link : Applying 

Important information

Pakistani and  Bangladeshi students who need a visa for study purposes to enroll in a master's program in English must be aware that the Italian Diplomatic Representation may ask them to submit proof of knowledge of the English language with a minimum IELTS score  or any other additional document. 

Bangladeshi students should already begin translating their study documents into Italian because appointments for translation may be closed by January/February of the following academic year. Translations must be done by official bodies recognized by Italian Diplomatic Representations. Students might be obliged to submit these documents to the Embassy/Consulate. 

All international students should check as soon as possible  at the Italian Diplomatic Representation  which documents are required and if any extra documents are necessary in order to complete the pre-enrolment procedure and obtain the study visa.