International opportunities for students

Admission requirements

To be admitted to the Master of Science in Quantitative and Computational Biology, it is necessary:

  1. to have a first-level university degree, or another qualification obtained abroad and recognized as valid, belonging to the following classes of related disciplines and D.M. 270/04 (in brackets indicates the class corresponding to the Ministerial Decree 509/99):
    - Biotechnology  L-2 (1)
    - Information Engineering L-8 (9)
    - Life Sciences L-13 (12)
    - Science and agro-food technologies L-26 (20)
    - Sciences and chemical technologies L-27 (21)
    - Sciences and pharmaceutical technologies L-29 (24)
    - Physical Sciences and Technology L-30 (25)
    - Information Sciences and Technology - L-31 (26)
    - Mathematical Sciences L-35 (32)
  2. Applicants who have not yet graduated within the application deadline are required to provide a certificate of enrollment. Once selected, those applicants have to graduate by  June 30 (for non-EU citizens living abroad) and October 31 (for EU and non EU citizens resident in Italy);
  3. to have a Bachelor's degree study plan and/or a curriculum studiorum including knowledge and competences in informatics, mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology ( as indicated in the Master's Degree in Quantitative and Computational Biology course regulations);
  4. have a minimum intermediate level of English (Level B2 - reading, listening, writing and speaking), according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), proved by an the English language certifications  or registered in the study plan of the bachelor programme (level must be specified in the study plan and 4 skills must be tested) . Applicants who graduated with a Bachelor's degree awarded by any internationally recognized university whose official teaching language is English have to submit a written statement issued by their university stating that English is the official teaching language. Citizens from an English-speaking country and/or who have graduated in an English-speaking country do not have to submit any English language certificates, but only a self-declaration of their status.

    Non EU citizens resident abroad have to fulfill the language requirement by the application deadline. 
    EU citizens and non EU citizens resident in Italy, who have not yet the required level of English within the application deadline, are asked to declare in the application the expected date in which they will achieve the required level of English (B2), and to submit a copy of the corresponding English language certificate before the 31st of October in order to be admitted to the Master's degree programme.


English language tests organized by the University of Trento

Applicants, who want to apply for admission to a Master’s degree course offered in English and who do not fulfill the English knowledge requirement, can sit an English language test offered by the University of Trento.
The tests will be held on the following dates:

  • 20th May 2024 (written test) and 31st May 2024 (oral test) – Deadline for the enrollments by Friday 10th May 2024 at 12.00 (noon)
  • 8th July 2024 (written test) and 19th July 2024 (oral test) – Enrollments from 13th May 2024 to 28th June 2024 at 12.00 (noon)
  • 2nd September 2024 (written test) and 13th September 2024 (oral test) – Enrollments from 1st July 2024 to 23rd August 2024 at 12.00 (noon)
  • 15th October 2024 (written test) and 25th October 2024 (oral test) – Enrollments from 26th August 2024 to 4th October 2024 at 12.00 (noon)

The enrollment must be done online by filling in the application form “Application for English language test required for the admission to master's degree a.y. 2024/25” available at the webpage “Modulistica online studenti”. 
The written tests will be held in presence at the University Language Centre (CLA), while the oral tests will be online.