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The objective of the Master of Science in Computer Science is to form professionals and researchers with both theoretical and practical knowledge. Theory and lab classes rotate during the all course of studies. That is the reason why the Computer Science graduated finds a job quickly (two months, if not before ending the studies - source Almalaurea); this happens not by chance but because Computer Science jobs are on the top 5 list of the most wanted specialists in Italy.

The graduated in Computer Science can enter the work force by planning, organizing, developing, managing and maintaining informatics systems. For the most capable and determined students, in particular for who will continue with a doctorate, management careers will come available, because a solid competence on the principles of complexity and problems solving goes together with the ability to interact, of team-work and innovative proposals. Least but not last, individual capabilities are of the maximum importance: computer science is still a field where newly created innovative companies created by enterprising young people, often can top consolidated enterprises on time and quality.

Further studies

The Master of Science in Computer Science gives the basis to access for the ICT Doctoral School.