International opportunities for students

The world we live in is changing at a rapid pace. The complex dynamics linked to the fragmentation of the global context are changing the role of states and international and supranational organizations. Furthermore, the current ecological and digital transitions strongly pose challenges to be addressed quickly and effectively.

GLaM seeks to train a jurist who knows how to find an opportunity in this era of transitions to effectively contribute to the renewal of the current and future regulatory process. Integrated and interdisciplinary study paths will allow GLaM graduates to carry out, in the public and private sectors, functions related to the analysis of law and legal consultancy, as well as interpretative, application and editorial activities.

GlaM provides a flexible and personalized curriculum, along with the possibility of taking advantage of opportunities organized with foreign universities. The course offering is enriched by research and training experiences (internships or apprenticeships) with the involvement of companies, institutions and public and private organizations with a view to being competitive in the job market.