International opportunities for students

The final competition was once called MIM Business Challenge, since it was originated in the framework of the Master in International Management.

In 2013 the Lab was restructured and the name changed to Start Up Lab.

The SUL Winners are sponsored by the University of Trento to participate in the final round of the "Virginia Tech Global Business Challenge" (VTGBC) in Virginia, USA (First prize: 25.000 $).

The Winners 2012

The "Metacolors" Team won the 2012 edition of the MIM Business Challenge in Trento with a new method of printing protection against falsification, which was then presented in Virginia.

The method is based on the inability of human eyes to see the differences between two colours which are produced by two different printing technologies. The team members are following MIM students:

  • Hleb Mikulich, Belarus, B.A. in Printing and Publishing
  • Luca Mirabella, Italy, B.A. in Economics and International Marketing
  • Jing Zhu, China, B.A. in Computer Science

The Winners 2011

The team "INKeyboard" won the 2011 edition of the MIM Business Challenge and participated in Virginia with an innovative technology-based keyboard.

Their business proposal innovates the keyboard experience by introducing e-ink buttons, which allows for more flexibility, fulfilling a widespread need among computer users.

The team members are following MIM students:

  • Danilo Campestrin, M.A. in Telecommunications Engineering, Italy
  • Nathaniel Washington III, B.A. in Environmental Science and Economics, USA
  • Mohamed Shihab, UmeॠSchool of Business, UmeॠUniversity, Sweden, Erasmus student in Trento

Danilo, Nathaniel and Mohamed wrote about their experience at Virginia Tech (

The Winners 2010

The team "Oetzi Finder" won the 2010 edition of the MIM Business Challenge with their "Oetzi Finder": a new device which helps rescuers locate victims of avalanches in a more effective way.

Oetzi Finder was the first team to participate in the VT Global Business Challenge. 

The team members are MIM students and come different backgrounds:

  • Martin Egger, BA in Multimedia Arts, Italy
  • Federico Facchinelli, Industrial Engineer, Italy
  • Abhinav Kumar, BSc in Commerce, India
  • Alessandro Ligabà², Industrial Engineer, Italy
  • Stela Rinja, Economist, Moldova