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Innovation Olympics - What?

The Innovation Olympics is an "action learning" program developed by IXL-Center, based in Boston-USA and run with sponsor companies that are looking for smart brains among students of top Universities. Trento was among the first universities in Continental Europe to offer this program to their students in Spring 2016.

  • Corporations from different industries define an exciting and difficult challenge they are currently facing in the market - this is the "Innovation Challenge".
  • 4-5 groups of 4-5 students from different disciplines, countries and cultures focus on the challenge for 10 weeks. They cooperate with the team mates and compete with other teams to propose well grounded, creative and unique solutions.
  • Experienced mentors and coaches provide expert guidance along with tools, training, and coaching to build more lasting innovation capability and leadership skills. 

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Roadshows are constantly organized all over the campuses of the University. Stay tuned!

Innovation Olympics - What NOT?

Innovation Olympics is NOT an internship (but it may open opportunities for internships)
Innovation Olympics is NOT a simulation: you really work for the assigned company, with a tight schedule and sometimes under pressure, while you are tutored by your Mentor
Innovation Olympics is dedicated to ALL students from different Departments.

Innovation Olympics - How?

Student teams follow a unique 5 step innovation management approach supported by an Innovation Canvas Sofware and trust on the support of experienced mentors. 

They work intensively on the company challenge for 8-10 weeks, and they:

  • identify opportunities and propose solutions
  • analyze technologies and identify new opportunities
  • analyze competitors and explore new markets 
  • constantly interact with mentors and company managers
  • develop business concepts
  • provide the company with innovative solutions 

Supported by mentors and driven by the Innovation Canvas Software "Eureka", developed by IXL-Center, students produce outputs for the following five innovation management steps:

  1. Innovation intent
  2. Opportunity insight
  3. Fields of play
  4. Business concepts
  5. Business case