International opportunities for students

Throughout the Innovation Olympics, students are mentored by business mentors and interact with company managers: they learn the best innovation management skills and tools and apply them to solve the real-life company challenges.

In exchange for their efforts (on average 1,5 hours a week for 8-10 weeks), participants benefit of following advantages:

  1. Learn  state of the art innovation management skills and tools that were developed with the Global Innovation Management Institute, one of the world's most prestigious Innovation Management Boards in the world
  2. Learn how to structure, evaluate and implement business concepts ("from idea to market")
  3. Enrich their CV with a new experience and improve job-readiness
  4. Have exposure and feedback from entrepreneurs and managers 
  5. Winners can have direct access to the final exam for the Innovation certificate issued by GIMI and recognized worldwide
  6. Test their leadership
  7. Have fun

In case of outstanding results by one or more students groups, there are good chances that companies will offer internship opportunities to the most promising students.