International opportunities for students

A long track record of Innovation Olympics editions throughout the world ensured significant benefits to participating companies:

  • High impact results: students create a diverse portfolio of bankable new growth ideas for the company around existing and new offerings, channels, markets, and business models
  • PR Ownership: all property rights connected with Innovation Olympics will be owned by the company
  • Low burden: Utilize professionally coached, self-directed teams to build and test ideas — presenting their results at 3-5 dedicated meetings
  • Rapid turnaround: Quickly iterate a wide range of ideas, concepts, and business cases using cutting edge "Lean Innovation" development and simulation tools
  • A proven approach: The IXL Center has a long record of successful Innovation Olympics, which was tested with over 2000 students and with hundreds of companies around the world. The methodology applied helped IXL Center to be ranked among America's Best Management Consulting Firms for Innovation, Growth & New Business Models.