International opportunities for students

Business Labs are organized at the Department of Economics and Management of Trento (DEM).
The aim of the labs is to stimulate students and scholars to apply their knowledge in the real business world. The Business Labs offer a unique path to introduce students to the generation of new ideas with the aim of turning them into successful businesses.

International Entrepreneurship

International Entrepreneurship: a hands on course organized into four blocks:

  1. Business Idea: when you have to explain your innovation to others
  2. International Alliances: when you realize you can not do all by yourself
  3. Multicultural Negotiation: when you need to agree on other people contribution
  4. Managing a start-up or a small fast growing company

Start-up Lab

Start Up Lab: a series of 5 seminars with plenty of confrontation with reality to nurture the entrepreneur or the innovative manager that sleeps in you:

  • Focussed Creativity, Idea Generation
  • Validate Learning
  • Business Modelling
  • Cash flow and enterprise valuation
  • Basics for Pitching and Slidification

The Contamination Lab organizes a competition for business ideas open to brilliant students from different areas (management, engineering, computer science, cognitive sciences and more), who have smart ideas and want to turn them into successful businesses. The winners of the Business Challenge will be sponsorized for the participation in the final round of the Virgina Tech Business Challenge (VTBC) in Virginia, USA. The VTBC winning team will be awarded a $30,000 cash prize and the top two runners-up will receive $2,500 cash awards.

CLab Trento

Contamination Lab: a physical and digital space to allow you to interact with entrepreneurs, managers, companies, startuppers, consultants on the subject you like to have an insight on. Possibility to work on real company projects. Stimulation to become part of the core team of a real Start Up Company.