International opportunities for students

Innovative Business Labs are organized by the Department of Economics and Management of Trento (DEM), the School of Innovation and the CLab.
The aim of the labs is to stimulate students and scholars to apply their knowledge in the real business world. The Business Labs offer a unique path to introduce students to the generation of new ideas with the aim of turning them into successful businesses.

Start-up Lab

Start Up Lab is an innovative learning environment focused on generation and optimization of business ideas, aimed at developing entrepreneurial skills. Start-Up Lab is one of the main programs promoted by CLab Trento where you will learn to turn your business idea into a reality.
How? By working for three months in a diverse team with participants from different backgrounds and finally, by presenting your project in front of a jury of potential investors.
In order to participate it’s not necessary to already have an idea to develop. What we demand for are: a basic knowledge of English, attitude to work in a team, and a good amount of willingness and creativity.

Five weekly modules to nurture the entrepreneur or the innovative manager that sleeps in you:

  • Idea Generation
  • Validate Learning
  • Business Modelling
  • Cash flow and enterprise valuation
  • Pitching and Slidification

The CLab organizes multiple competition for business ideas open to brilliant students from different areas (management, engineering, computer science, cognitive sciences and more), who have smart ideas and want to turn them into successful businesses. 

CLab Trento

Contamination Lab (CLab): a physical and digital space to allow you to interact with entrepreneurs, managers, companies, startuppers, consultants on the subject you like to have an insight on.

Possibility to work on real company projects.

Stimulation to become part of the core team of a real Start Up Company. 

School of Innovation

School of Innovation is a strategic project of the University of Trento.
It offers the possibility to create your personalised programme by combining a wide range of courses focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship in different fields. You will get both wide technical knowledge and a set of highly-appreciated soft skills such as communication, leadership, teamwork, and problem solving. The School of Innovation offers a multidisciplinary extra-curricular, innovation-focused programme to a number of selected UniTrento students.
Opportunities and applications are available at the webpage: School of Innovation