International opportunities for students


BEA students are required to complete an internship before graduating. Internships provide a means of training and orientation and are an important opportunity to connect with the job market. 

An internship does not constitute an employment relationship as such, but nonetheless the procedures involved in doing an internship, established by law to protect both interns and companies, must be respected.
Internships always involve three actors:

  • the host Company/Institution
  • the intern
  • the promoter (University of Trento)

Important: Internships should not overlap with courses. As a consequence, the best period to have the internship is after finishing the fourth semester or during the fourth semester. Internships between first and second year (i.e. during the summer break) are allowed provided that they are concluded before the start of the second year (around mid September).

Details and procedures about the internship are available at the Internship opportunities for Master's Degree webpage. Please read carefully the internship Regulation available at the provided link.

Internship opportunities for BEA students

International organizations in Italy

  • FBK-IRVAPP (Research Institute for the Evaluation of Public Policies)
  • Collegio Carlo Alberto
  • Eurac
  • La Voce
  • ARCOlab
  • Fondazione Compagnia San Paolo - direzione Pianificazione, Studi, e Valutazione
  • Fondazione Agnelli
  • Centro Studi Luca D'Agliano (UniMI)
  • ASVAPP (Associazione per lo Sviluppo della Valutazione e l'Analisi delle Politiche Pubbliche)
  • Camera di Commercio Trento - Centro studi*
  • Fondazione Nord Est
  • Centro Studi MET
  • AGCM
  • OCSE
  • Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung der Handelskammer Bozen

International organizations abroad

  • Joseph Rowntree Foundation 
  • Bruegel
  • Joint Research Centre on Behavioural Insights (CCBI)
  • IZA Institute of Labor Economics
  • World Bank

Consulting Firms

  • Lear
  • Nomisma
  • Europe Economics
  • Nera economic consulting 
  • Frontier Economics
  • Henkel 

Internship opportunities after graduation

  • Banca d'Italia
  • Joint Research Center - Competence Centre on Microeconomic Evaluation
  • Cedefop
  • European Institute on Gender Equality
  • Bruegel
  • Joint Research Centre on Behavioural Insights (CCBI)