International opportunities for students

The shortlists of admitted applicants (first call) will be published within the end of April 2024.

Selected applicants must wait to be contacted and then pay a non-refundable enrolment confirmation fee for the amount of € 100,00 (one hundred euros): deadlines and procedure will be communicated by the Master Admission Office.

Selected applicants must accept the given position in order to be admitted. Selected applicants who fail to confirm within the given deadline will be automatically excluded from the Master's degree programme.  All potential vacancies will be progressively offered to the following applicants on the shortlist.

All applicants that, for any reason, decline their position are strongly invited to communicate their decision to the Master Admission Office via email to: master-st [at] as soon as possible in order to give other eligible students the opportunity to study at the University of Trento.

All potential vacancies will be progressively offered to the following applicants in the shortlist titled as "Admitted in case of available positions".

Pre-enrolment procedures at the Italian Embassy for non-EU applicants

Non-EU applicants living abroad who have confirmed their intention to access the Master's degree programme will be contacted by the University and receive all the information about how to pre-enroll and submit their Visa request at the Italian diplomatic office in their own country.
All non-EU applicants living outside Italy have to be present in Italy no later than 31 October 2024.

The deadlines set by the regulations concerning admission of foreign students to university courses are  posted at Studiare in Italia. Pre-enrolment is compulsory in order to obtain a visa. All admitted students are advised to read the procedures that must be followed at:

For rules about tuition fees and scholarships see links below:

Important information

Pakistani and  Bangladeshi students who need a visa for study purposes to enroll in a master's program in English must be aware that the Italian Diplomatic Representation may ask them to submit proof of knowledge of the English language with a minimum IELTS score  or any other additional document. 

Bangladeshi students should already begin translating their study documents into Italian because appointments for translation may be closed by January/February of the following academic year. Translations must be done by official bodies recognized by Italian Diplomatic Representations. Students might be obliged to submit these documents to the Embassy/Consulate. 

All international students should check as soon as possible  at the Italian Diplomatic Representation  which documents are required and if any extra documents are necessary in order to complete the pre-enrolment procedure and obtain the study visa.