International opportunities for students

The postgraduate degree programme in Agrifood Innovation Management was designed to meet the demand of graduate students for professional and scientific skills in the field of agri-food innovation management, product enhancement and improvement of quality management systems. These will be crucial drivers of economic recovery in the post COVID-19 emergency.  

The degree aims to train and develop agrifood innovation managers, who will be able to promote innovation in the agrifood industry, encourage the development of new business initiatives and endorse positive change at the supply chain level. These actions are geared to enhance and add value to specialties and high-quality produce of the area in which the agrifood innovation manager operates and facilitate the transition towards a more sustainable agrifood production systems.

This highly interdisciplinary degree offers a training programme that aims to stimulate innovative solutions in agrifood supply chains, from primary production to processing and commercialization. The degree also provides knowledge and understanding on the evolution of food culture and trends in agri-food markets.

Call for applications 2024/25: Italian version and English version