Master’s Degree in European and International Studies - MEIS

The School of International studies - SIS
The School of International Studies is the only Graduate School of International Studies in Italy offering advanced courses for students following their successful completion of a three-year undergraduate degree. It was established in 2001 by four participating faculties – Economics, Law, Humanities, and Sociology – as well as five departments of the University of Trento.
The School of International Studies is to be considered an integrated Graduate School, offering a two-year Master’s Degree in European and International Studies and a three-year Doctorate in International Studies.

About MEIS
The Master’s programme in European and International Studies is the result of a close interfaculty collaboration between the Faculties of Law, Economics, Sociology, and Humanities and Philosophy. The hallmark of the Master’s programme is its strong interdisciplinary approach, which gives students the ability to transcend the confines of  traditional academic disciplines. The core subjects of the programme are economics, history, law, political science and sociology. The programme aims to provide the students with those multidisciplinary tools indispensable for a broad-based understanding of economic, legal, political and social transformations in the European and international contexts.

MEIS methodology
Particular emphasis is given to teach the tools and skills necessary for the analysis of: the interaction of individual and collective actors, both within European and international institutions; the functioning of European and international economic, legal, political and social systems; the European and international systems of governance. Alongside the taught courses the School runs a rich series of guest lectures and seminars held by visiting professors of international standing. Students from the Master’s programme are encouraged to participate in these and the many events organised at the School, including conferences, debates, careers talks and fairs, and lectures by practitioners from international organisations.
Throughout the two years, professors and tutors provide further support and guidance if and when needed and all students receive individual supervision for their final dissertations.

Employment and Career Prospects
The Master’s programme in European and International Studies prepares students for careers both in the public and the private sectors. Graduates will be qualified to: hold positions of responsibility within national and international institutions engaged in international affairs and private corporations operating in international markets; work for governmental and non-governmental organisations engaged in specific areas of international affairs such as human rights, peacekeeping, protection of the environment, institution-building, etc.; enter the diplomatic service.
For those wishing to continue their studies, the Master’s programme provides a solid preparation for admission to PhD programmes in International Studies and related subjects.

Program Overview


  • Contemporary History
  • Principles of International Economics 
  • Elements of International and European Union Law 
  • Techniques and Methods in Social Sciences
  • European and International Politics 
  • English Language 
  • Language Workshop (French or German or Spanish)


  • Political Philosophy
  • International Law
  • Economics
  • Political Sciences
  • Elective courses
  • Final exam

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