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International opportunities for students

Find here information about the process to enrol in a Master programme in English.

From December/January: APPLICATION

You apply online by the application deadline.


Admitted students will receive guidance by email and will be provided specific information about accommodation, scholarship request, tuition fees, health insurance.

By the middle of July: PRE-ENROLMENT PROCEDURE

Contact the relevant Italian Diplomatic Representation in your country of residence in order to personally submit your pre-enrolment request along with the following documents:

  • pre-enrolment form in two original copies (Form A available in the Download box);
  • University degree or educational qualification, already legalized by the relevant authority of the country where it was issued or with Apostille stamp (if applicable), and officially translated into Italian;
  • transcript of records, officially translated into Italian;
  • the admission letter;
  • two passport-sized pictures, one of which shall be signed.

August: VISA

After completing the compulsory pre-enrolment processs, you must again contact the Italian Diplomatic Representation in order to apply for the student visa.
Usual requirements for a student visa are:

  • proof of economic means (about 450.00 euros/month);
  • proof of health insurance;
  • proof of accommodation availability; 
  • the admission letter.


By the end of October upload all the following documents in the online application 

  • copy of your passport
  • copy of your stay permit/receipts of application of the Italian stay permit;
  • original of the University degree or educational qualification, legalized* (or with Apostille stamp if applicable) by the Authority of the country which issued the certification, and officially translated in Italian;
  • **declaration of value of the University issued by the Italian diplomatic Representation where the diploma was issued;
  • **transcript of records, either in the original English version or officially translated in Italian.

​​*NOTE: Diplomas issued in the following countries are exempted from legalization: Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland.

**NOTE: The Declaration of Value and the transcript of records are not required if you have a Diploma Supplement for the BA/BSc. The Diploma Supplement must be issued (according to the EC, Europe Council and Unesco rules) by the University based in one of the countries which adhered to the European Higher Education Area