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About SUL
The SUL is an innovative learning experience focused on customer centric creativity, idea generation, business idea optimization and pitching finalized to develop innovative products/services which can, eventually, turn into a start-up. Students are constantly mentored by professionals and entrepreneurs.The Start-Up Lab (SUL) is a hands-on interdepartmental Lab on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E). The syllabus is in the Download box. Apply here!

SUL Objectives
The objective of the Lab is to stimulate students to develop an entrepreneurial approach to problems and the ability to search effectively for innovative solutions, which suits customer needs. SUL can be both the first step in direction of becoming an entrepreneur as well as a key step in developing a proactive attitude that each today’s manager shall have, regardless he/she works in an SME or in a multinational. See the Demoday.

SUL Activities
Students who apply for SUL are selected basing on their past academic records (GMAT is a plus) and the best ones form small groups (up to five members) which then develop a business idea. Students are free to group together according to the "diversity criterion", i.e. they should have different backgrounds and nationality. Gender diversity is much appreciated, too. They elaborate their business plan together and present it in the final plenary session (the Demo Day). The jury is composed of managers with solid international experience, as well as entrepreneurs, and one or two professors from different areas (e.g. management, economics, engineering).

The final prize: VT Challenge in Virginia, USA
The winning group will be supported by the University of Trento (or the Departments where winning students are affiliated) to participate in the Virginia Tech Business Challenge in Virginia, USA. This is a great opportunity to compete with business students from all over the world, meet international companies and get a feedback from experienced business men about the business proposals.
Past teams from Trento won the first prize of $25,000 cash in 2014 (the FeelSpace team with their navigation belt for blind people) and the third prize of $5,000 cash in 2013 with the team GraphInsight (see "The SUL Winners" for details).

Learning Method
SUL learning is delivered with the blended MOOC method. I.e.: students see a 15min video before class introducing one concept. Participants will discuss such concept during the interactive lesson and will immediately apply it on their own project. 24 hours of teamwork and dedicated mentoring will complement the learning experience.


Lead Coaches Alessandro Rossi, alessandro.rossi [at];
Vittorino Filippas, vittorino.filippas [at];
Milena Stoycheva, milena.stoycheva [at]
When Next edition starts on February 2017. Classes are usually every Tuesday evening, from 18.00 to 21.00 until the end of May
Where CLab Trento - P.zza Fiera 4, 38122 - Trento c/o Istituto Artigianelli
SUL Application Deadline 12 February 2017 (feedback by February 17)
Apply for SUL Fill the online form here: 
Teaching language English

Open to

Master Students, PhDs, Post-Doc, Researchers. Applications from Bachelor students and non-students (workers) can be considered.
Class size 120 students (selection of applicants may apply)
Duration 48 hours interactive lessons
ECTS (credits) 8 ECTS for DEM students, upon agreement for other Departments. (Admitted bachelors will not have any ECTS)

The SUL Winners

Applications for the SUL 2017 edition are open. Mind the deadline!

Further information: roberto.napoli [at]